Many people choose investments so they can get better income. one type of investment that you can choose is property investment. Many people make property investments and they get a fairly stable profit. You can invest property if you choose the right investment instrument. Riviere is one of the properties that you can choose.

However, when you invest in property, you must take into account various things. Here are some things that you should take into account when investing in property.

1. Calculate the cost
Calculate the costs associated with the property we want to rent. This is often a factor that is not really considered by property owners. This is reasonable because some property owners consider that maintenance related costs are costs incurred by tenants. Though there are some things that are indeed the obligation of property owners if there are things that do not function optimally which are not due to the mistakes of the tenants. Of course according to the contents of the contract that applies. Reserve for hidden costs like that that must be considered so that the benefits of renting out property can we feel.

2. Rent time period
Set the rental period according to your wishes. If indeed we want to rent the property to look for profit, you should set a rental time per month. This makes it easy for us to increase the rental price at any time when property prices rise. But for the sake of financial security, it is better if we set a long-term lease between just a year or two.

3. Selection of prospective tenants for the property
when going to rent out the property, try to get to know more prospective tenants. A careful attitude in determining who rents our property will also affect the smoothness of the rental payers and property conditions. Each type of tenant also has its own pluses and minuses.