There is a question that the company or parent company puts the big business into choosing the best hosting partner, and builds lasting and fruitful business relationships with them. But the challenge does not stop there. Once an agreement is settled between the two parties, hosting is critical for the manufacturing company to design and implement an efficient channel partner management platform. The hosting management platform seeks to maintain a favorable business relationship between the parent company and its partners, or to complete inefficient or unproductive partnerships and increase revenues or reinvestments. The hosting effective channel management is a critical component

Expanding the international market is an exciting opportunity for growth, but it also poses greater management challenges to supply the company. While looking for channel partners may be relatively easy, managing business relationships with them can be difficult. There may be unique obstacles to the target area, and therefore may require greater effort to reach partners. After completing the hosting research work and finally sealing the joint venture with international partners, the next big step is to come up with an efficient hosting platform. This is the part where manufacturers may need to ask for help from hosting management specialists. Some key management tasks expressed by the expert include analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of their resellers, determining the advantages of the partnership, identifying the best performing and worst hosting resellers, and calculating the management effort required in the future.

Specialists hosting also mention that an organized sales process is needed, and that it should have appropriate reporting arrangements for partners. Although retailers will have their own sales force will not be directly under the supervision of the parent company, the hosting supervisory business partner will submit over the progress and performance of the report. The hosting characters of the report will help to the producers in determining whether the partnership is successful or needs to be developed.