There is no universal method for keeping tiles clean. Various tile surfaces need specialized tile cleaning techniques to clean them properly without damaging them. The carpet cleaning sydney knows this, so we use several tile-cleaning methods.

Carpet Cleaning Sydney often uses a “hot water extraction” technique to clean carpets. Applying a high-pressure stream of hot water will thoroughly clean your tiles. When hot water is pushed into those areas, dirt, filth, and stains are easily removed from your tile and grout. When the grime has been worked free, a strong vacuum will remove it, leaving your tiles looking as good as new.

Carpet Cleaning Sydney also uses steam cleaning in addition to other methods. For example, tiles may be cleaned effectively by utilizing hot water and steam. Steam is injected into the grout and tiles to loosen debris and stains. When the grime is finally ready to be sucked up, your tiles will appear as good as new.

Carpet Cleaning Sydney also provides tile and grout cleaning using chemical solutions for those who want a more robust cleaning method. To remove grime and stains, this technique employs the use of specialized cleaning agents. We recommend applying the solutions and letting them rest on your tiles for the recommended period. After the grime has been worked free, it is scraped away and sucked out using a strong vacuum.

Carpet Cleaning Sydney also provides high-pressure cleaning, specifically for outdoor tiles. You may use a high-pressure water jet to clean the tiles in your outdoor space. Clean grime and stains from your tiles quickly thanks to the high-pressure jet’s effective cleaning capability.

Lastly, Carpet Cleaning Sydney provides buffing and polishing services for tiles that have lost their sheen and brilliance. Using a buffer to polish your tiles will make them appear new again and use less water than other methods.

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