Man needs food to live. But some researchers say humans can survive without food for up to 2 months. Consumption of some types of food is done to stay alive and healthy organs. Unlike plants, humans cannot convert sunlight into energy. To get human energy requires air and water. Greg Foot, the presenter of the Brit Lab, says that an average 70-kg man burns about 1,690 kcal a day and even if he does not perform any activity. However, food is not always solid. People with rare conditions such as the difficulty of swallowing and chewing foods can still survive on a liquid diet. Of course, this is because the liquid food contains nutrients needed by the body. Humans can actually survive without food or in liquid form. As long as they still have enough water this can stay afloat, depending on health and body size. But not only rely on water, but there are emergency situations that even you can not find water or food when you travel outside like climbing a mountain or adventure in the forest, therefore you can get a guide on

It is estimated that healthy people can survive between 30 to 40 days without eating a single bite of food. In ABC Science, there is one extreme case. Where a man weighing 200 Kg can survive in 382 days without solid or liquid food. During not eat the food, he managed to fall 80 Kg and able to keep his weight for five years. Although he did not eat, this man is monitored by a doctor and given multivitamins, potassium and sodium supplements. The body will store energy in the form of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins. Usually, the body will use carbohydrate reserves first, then protein and the last use of fat as energy intake. In some cases, a person who is not in good condition is likely to survive without food for 10 to 14 days. While living without water is different from living without food. This is because when the air is very hot and there is no water, then dehydration can occur within a short time of one hour only. Therefore a person may die within hours if it has no water and is in a hot condition. However, if the surrounding conditions are not too hot or fresh and cool, one can survive without water 3 to 5 days.