Applying carpet in a room is normal. But what about applying stacked or layered rugs in one room? Take it easy, the trick can actually enhance your home decor if you apply the stacked carpet properly site link. However, before starting to apply how to apply stacked carpets in one room, what you need to remember is, whatever will be done on the home decor, do it as you wish without the need to fear trying it. Who knows, later it will not only be home decor that looks more beautiful, but you also feel much more comfortable in the house, right? In the meantime, we’d like you to check out Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches, so you know which company to call whenever your carpet becomes very dirty.

Lots of carpets

There is no problem with the application of carpets that have different motifs and colors in one room. No need to be afraid to look tacky and make the room look strange, precisely the concept of this stacked carpet will make the decor look more beautiful and artsy with the application of the right carpet. For example, although different colors and motifs, the carpet still has the same elements from one another. You can try and find the most appropriate carpet for your home.

Lengthwise stack

In the hallway of a house that has an elongated shape, it is only natural that one carpet is not enough to coat the entire floor of the hall. So to work around this, the application of long stacked rugs will cover the long area enough. In order not to appear monotonous and saturated, stack the carpet by slightly tilting it. This is to make the floor accent more exciting and interesting. You can also play different carpet motifs and colors.

Create a Comfortable Spot

When you wake up, your body condition may not be fully conscious. So that because of the few changes or effects obtained, it can make the body become shocked. To get around this, you can apply the method of applying the carpet piled at the side of the bed, on the part where the foot first stepped on the floor when it just woke up. That way the body and feeling will be more comfortable and ready.

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