Some time ago, cybersecurity experts have managed to identify attacks in the form of malware. This malware has spread to several countries ranging from Spain, England, Russia, France, Taiwan, Japan, and many more. Now, how to use the Internet safely to avoid attacks such as viruses or malware?

In addition to using the best antivirus for your device, there are several other things that you need to pay attention to in order to be able to use the Internet safely and avoid cyber crimes that have recently become increasingly prevalent, you can visit to get the best mobile broadband. Use the best browser like Google Chrome, for your surfing activities on the internet. Besides always being updated, the Chrome browser has special features to prevent fake download links.

1 Don’t Open the Software
When you visit a site, there will be lots of software installation promotions offered for free. Some free software provider sites, some of which can provide fake information that says that your software is used on a computer is an old version and immediately needs the latest update. Don’t get caught in a trap like this, because almost all free software contains malware. It’s not all dangerous, but it’s better to prevent it than become a victim of cybercrime.

2. Password Management
How to use the internet safely especially to protect your account, then use a different password for each account. Maybe this method makes it a little complicated and it will be difficult if you have to remember it. But now there are many password management application facilities that you can use to overcome this. One reliable password management is A free version is available that you can use to hold all your account passwords without having to bother remembering them one by one.

3. Two-Factor Authentication
Use two-factor authentication if possible. This security system has been used by almost all internet-based services that are very sensitive, especially in the world of online banking. Two-factor authentication is how to use the internet safely, especially for your personal account. When two-factor authentication is activated, you will be asked to enter a backup code or security code that will be sent via SMS, including preventing from unrecognized devices.