As a violinist, having a good bow is one of the most important things. In buying a bow, the first thing to keep in mind that a more expensive arc will not necessarily make you play the violin better. To increase your zeal to practice the violin, you can watch you are the reason cover on Youtube. The quality of a good violin bow can be seen from several things, including:

1. Material

Good wood material for violin bow sticks is usually made using pernambuco wood which is wood from Brazil origin. Almost all violinist’s bow made of this wood. But now it is widely circulated in the field of bow made from fiberglass which “he said” characteristics of the same flexibility with wood Pernambuco “. In addition to sticking bow, material from hairbow (hair bow) is also considered important because this part is directly in contact with the violin string. Traditionally, violin hairbow uses white horse hair. The violinist has tried some other ingredients instead of the horse’s hair, but the results are not as good as horse hair. A bow that has a bad hairbow is like an ugly violin.

2. Shape
There are two common forms of the bow on a violin that is round and octagonal. Some people assume that the hexagonal bow shape is better and stronger, and some argue that the round shape bow is better. The bow is actually not very important, the important thing is the material. Many I see professional players who use a round and hexagonal bow, do not specify one form but see the comfort of the violinist. So, in looking for a bow shape, it is better to adjust your comfort only.

3. Balance
A good violin bow balance is very important. The weight of the frog and the end of the violin should fit. If the frog is too heavy, the bow will have difficulty when controlled and the friction at the end will feel stiff, whereas if the front is too light it causes violin players need extra energy to swipe the bow tip.