Depression is one of the most serious and dangerous mental health problems. There are various types of depression that are mild, but some are severe enough to be life-threatening. Therefore, you need to recognize what kinds of depression are. Symptoms of depression are not always the same from one person to another, as well as the treatment. In general, depression can be treated through medication, psychotherapy, or a combination of the two. You can also try taking a morning shower to help relieve symptoms of depression as a way to treat depression.

In addition to feeling hopeless, people who suffer from depression usually find it difficult to carry out daily activities and tend to withdraw from social circles. Many people with depression even feel like committing suicide or want to harm themselves because they feel that their life is meaningless. Symptoms of depression in children are usually recognized by their irritability, prolonged sadness, refusal to go to school, and below normal weight. Meanwhile, adolescents who experience depression are also usually characterized by having emotional outbursts, lack of desire to interact with family, and deteriorating school performance.

Treatment with drugs is very good in reducing symptoms of depression, especially from the physical aspect, while symptoms of depression from psychological and social aspects can be handled more deeply through psychotherapy. The following are some types of therapy that can be given through psychotherapy:

Cognitive and behavioral therapy
Social skills therapy
Problem-solving therapy
Interpersonal therapy
Psychodynamic therapy.

If you recognize symptoms of depression in yourself or someone around you, don’t let this condition drag on. Try to share this problem with relatives you trust, because support from family and friends plays an important role in the recovery of people with depression. If necessary, visit a psychologist or psychiatrist for safe and appropriate treatment. Psychologists and psychiatrists can help you find the best way to deal with the causes of your depression. The goal is not only to treat depression, but also to improve your health in the long term.