Nowadays, a lot of manufacturers say that their products are using 100% genuine leather, but in reality not all bag manufacturers ptoduce their products with genuine letaher. One of the manufacturers that use genuine leather and has good quality is Blaxton Bags that focused on durable and beautifully designed products that can serve you a long time. Based of the problems in community that often get the leather bags with standard quality or leather bags with good quality but have a high price. Blaxton Bags comes with many choices of the proucts with quality and affordable proces.

So, if you still want to make sure your leather bag that you have is original or not, or you want to buy a new leather bag. These are some tips that you can do:

1. Look at the colors, although the original leather bags and the fake one has the same color, the color of the original one is more concentrated and shining.

2. Look carefully, the original leather bag usually has irregular pores while and the fake one usually has a regular pore.

3. Touch the surgace, after looking carefully and you still not sure, try ro touch the surface. When it feels very smooth, most likely the material is vinyl, because the original leather bag is usually slightly felt rough due to the pores where the growth of fur.

4. Zipper test, to get a letaher bag with good quality, the manufacturers usually complete with a good zipper as well, and the fake one usually has a zipper with bad quality.

5. Check the price, the price of a fake leather bag is usually cheaper because it is made of synthetic and plastic, and the original leather bag will be much more expensive because of raw materials that are difficult to obtain and a long time to produce.

After knowing how to distinguish the original and fake leather bags, then you must know exactly where you bought the leather bag. One of the trusted shop is Blaxton Bags, in that online shop, you can choose which one of the bag that you want and of course according to your needs.