The floor is a part of the house that must be kept clean. Because the floor is also part of the interior design of the house. Included for all home sizes, even if it’s a simple minimalist house or even a luxury home. Usually, the floor is covered with several perfect materials, for example, the most common is ceramic. There are many ceramic motifs for floors ranging from simple plain colors to certain themes. Another type of flooring that is more luxurious and expensive is marble flooring.

However, the floors of some parts of your house may look so plain that they look less attractive. So you need to add a carpet that can be selected based on the color, motif, and type of carpet. Unfortunately having a carpet is not easy, because it is located on the floor. You can find a lot of fine hairs coming out of the carpet or even from less clean environments. Therefore our cleaning services will provide the easiest way to remove fine hair on the carpet.

Use a special carpet brush
The amount of fur and hair on the carpet is really annoying. Fur and hair can be used as a nest of diseases, such as bacteria, germs, fleas, and mites. A sign if the carpet is not dirty and full of hair is that the skin will feel itchy after being exposed to the carpet. Even if you have allergies they can cause coughing and shortness of breath. Immediately, you have to clean the carpet with a simple tool such as a special carpet brush. This brush is very small and has soft but strong bristles. You only need to scrub the floor with this brush and you will see hair or other dirt lifted by the brush. Do it evenly so that your carpet will definitely clean.

Washing the Carpet
The last step you can try is to wash the carpet. This step does take some effort as the carpet will absorb water and is heavy. If you have trouble washing, then simply use a carpet dry cleaning service. Because services like this that have tools to wash carpets and carpets are very clean of fur.