What are your considerations before choosing hair care products?
One thing that matters is the type of hair.
Selection of shampoo, for example, is important to see the condition of the scalp before deciding to buy one type of shampoo.
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If your hair tends to be oily and hair care products moisturize, your hair will accumulate more oil and quickly become ‘wet’.

Then, how do you determine your hair type for the sake of selecting the right care products?

1. Oily hair

There are the following characteristics:

– hair looks dull and not ‘live’
– After washing your hair, it will usually return to oily and even drenched the next day or the second day
– excess oil will lead to dandruff and then hair loss

As reported by Stylecraze, the following treatments for oily hair include:

– Wash your hair more often.
– rinse hair with diluted acids such as lemon, vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or beer.
– Avoid touching hair because oil can transfer from skin to hair.
– avoid using hair oil (hair oil), especially for massage because it can stimulate oil production.
– wash with cold water because warm water will stimulate oil production.
– Avoid exposure to conditioner on the scalp.

2. Dry hair

Dry hair has the following characteristics:

– feeling dry and stiff after exposure to sunlight, use of ‘harsh’ shampoos, and chemical treatments.
– split ends of hair.
– excessive hair breakage and loss.

What can be done?

– Massage using hot oil (hot oil). The oil is first warmed up, you can also rub it in your palms and then apply it.
– Use of conditioner.
– Avoid washing your hair every day.
– Using natural hair masks, for example, mashed avocado and then left as a hair mask for 30 minutes.

3. Normal hair

This type of hair is fairly healthy hair and has a minimal loss.
In addition, the hair also has minimal problems including dandruff.
To find out if you have a normal hair type, if you find spots of oil when touching your hair, it means your hair is normal.

What distinguishes it from oily hair is that the hair on oily hair tends to stick together.

Treatment is quite simple.
Normal hair only needs to eat a balanced diet, shampoo with minimal chemicals, especially without sulfates, and use conditioner to keep it soft.