There are many questions from some people about how to survive in the search ranking. This seems quite serious because otherwise we will lose to our competitors and visitors will decrease if we cannot maintain our web ranking in search. Maybe you already know about the role of SEO on-page optimization that is 65% good for SEO. Actually, the role of SEO on the page is very able to maintain search rankings, but it must go through some of the right SEO techniques because if it is not possible it will cause a decrease in our site ranking from search results. Here are some tips from SEO nyc to maintain search rankings for blogs and websites;

The relevance of internal links is very possible to maintain search rankings. In this case, it is better than every time you make a post, you must be able to link one post to another from your site. The role of internal linking is very important, in addition to maintaining the ranking of internal linking searches, it also plays a role in facilitating bot robots to crawl the contents of containers and will also crawl relevant content from those posts. linkages between these two things can change your web conditions. And as a result, all articles that may not be able to compete on the search page, with internal linking can now increase in accordance with the relevance of the content that you plant in internal linking. In addition, this will make your site sturdy which will not be easy for your competitors to topple.

The second to maintain a search ranking is to bring in relevant backlinks, you can search for backlink or backlinks from relevant sites, or if you can’t search for relevant backlinks you can send each post to social media or social bookmarking. That way you will get a backlink from this website. Apart from using social media and social bookmarking, there is one more thing you have to do is to make a backlink from blog comments. But certainly, you have to pay attention to the quality of the content of the blog. If not, then opening it well for your website will likely hurt your site. For that it is very important we see the reputation of the blog before making a backlink.

Those are some tricks for maintaining a search ranking. The important point of this article is that you never leave this internal link method very important for your site’s reputation and the latter makes a natural backlink. Don’t flood in quality backlinks, because this will make your site worse. Those are some ideas for maintaining search rankings for your blog and website.