When you first see your brand-new velvet sofa, it’s difficult not to feel pampered and opulent. Anyone would swoon at the rich hues and plush texture. However, as with any investment piece, sufficient care must be taken to ensure that your velvet sofa maintains its good looks for many years. Here are some pointers from carpet cleaning steamstarcarpetcleaning.com for maintaining the luxurious perfection of your velvet sofa.

Regularly vacuum
Due to its propensity for attracting dirt and dust, velvet couches should be routinely vacuumed. First, clean the sofa’s surface gently using a soft brush attachment. Not only will this clear away any dirt or debris, but it will also aid in bringing back the velvet’s plushness.

Turn the cushions around.
It’s crucial to frequently rotate the cushions on your velvet sofa to guarantee even wear and tear. As a result, the velvet will only be used on one side as the other, which could lead it to flatten and lose some of its plushness.

Stay out of the sun
When left in the sun’s glare for extended periods, velvet is susceptible to fading. Avoid placing your velvet sofa in the direct sun by using curtains or shutters to screen the light. The velvet’s color will remain vibrant and lovely as a result.

Blot pours right away.
Be fast to cleaning up any spills on your velvet sofa! First, blot up the fall with a clean, dry cloth as much as possible. Avoid touching the stain because doing so could harm or mar the velvet. If the spill is difficult to remove, wash the area gently with water and a mild detergent.

Employ a velvet brush.
Use a velvet brush to carefully restore the velvet nap to keep your velvet sofa looking its best. To avoid tearing the fabric, lightly brush the couch in a single direction. This will keep the velvet looking luxurious and lovely.

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