The good concrete is produced from the uniform mixture of the quality and proportion of the raw materials used (cement, sand, split stone and water). Excessive use of water can result in porosity and decreased the quality of cast concrete. Likewise, excessive use of cement will not contribute maximally to the quality of concrete. Meanwhile, we highly recommend you to also check out the Concrete Mixing Essex that you can hire.

Material storage

All building materials to be used for concrete quality work should be stored regularly and protected against contamination from dirt, water, and liquids. This building material should be protected from direct contact with other building materials that have a sweet content, such as liquid sugar or sugar cane water.

The use of sea sand for cement mixture

Sea sand or beach contains lots of minerals and salt and should not be used for mixing because salt content will result in rust on steel or iron from porous concrete.

The color of cement is not related to its strength

Some of our people still believe that the darker the color of cement, the stronger the adhesive strength. This is a wrong understanding because color has nothing to do with strength. The darkness of the color of cement is solely due to the character of the building materials used for the production process, completely unrelated to the quality of the cement produced. The wrong habit is to use a standard color to determine the dosage of cement use and people choose cement with a darker color to reduce the amount of cement used, as a result, the quality of the resulting mixture decreases.

Such are some steps or ways to make good quality concrete, how to make good concrete, how to make strong concrete, how to make strong concrete, and how to make high-quality concrete. Maybe useful.