Bitcoin sale trick for beginners to do is to monitor the price of Bitcoin. It is important for Bitcoin players to always monitor the price of Bitcoin because every minute Bitcoin price is always changing. To be able to monitor this Bitcoin can either be manual or can also use the application. There are currently several apps offered on the Play Store to analyze the rise and fall of the Bitcoin price. This application must be owned by the Bitcoin trader in order to benefit. Meanwhile, perhaps you also need to buy the best bitcoin hardware wallets for your own conveniences.

Here are some of the must-have apps:

Bitcoin Checker

This application is one of the alarms that can be used by Bitcoin traders to see or supervise the price movement of Bitcoin. You can install what percent of Bitcoin price movements, the function is when Bitcoin already has the movement in accordance with your wishes the application will notify you. Its function is that you do not miss to buy or sell Bitcoin. The advantage of this application is to have a widget so to know the price of Bitcoin you do not have to open the application first.

Bitcoin Ticker Widget

The next Bitcoin alarm that you can use to know the currency value of Bitcoin is Bitcoin Ticker Widget. The difference between Bitcoin Checker and Bitcoin Ticker Widget is that there is a tracker portfolio, Bitcoin news as well as a calculator for Bitcoin. So the features of this application are better than Bitcoin checker. Unfortunately for beginners who use this application, it looks too complicated and confusing because it is not simple. This application is suitable for Bitcoin players who have been in the business of Bitcoin for a long time.

google authenticator

For those who have money math Bitcoin with millions of dollars must have this application, while those who have a balance of hundreds of thousands of dollars if you want to install this application was authorized only. The function of Google Authenticator is a protection shield from hackers. Although the claim is safe there is nothing wrong if you just watch using this app. This application created by Google will provide additional passwords other than the standard password you have. Hackers will have trouble hacking your account because the password will change for 30 seconds and the passwords are random.