Packing must be a major problem for travelers. Moreover, if the vacation lasts for days, so there is a lot of luggage that must be carried. Especially women who tend to carry more luggage when traveling. But often we are reluctant to carry suitcases that are too large because they are lazy to carry them or are afraid to spend their baggage allowance. Don’t worry, because these problems can be avoided, really. By following these tricks, you are guaranteed that all the items you carry can fit into even a small suitcase. So, how do you do it? Here’s packing hack for travel in a suitcase so that it fits a lot.

Roll up thin clothes
The next tip for packing goods is to roll clothes made from thin materials, such as t-shirts, dresses, or nightgowns. To do this, first, straighten the clothes that will be carried then roll and bend them according to the remaining space in the suitcase. Apart from ordinary rolling, there are other rolling techniques that you can try, namely military-style rolling. This method of rolling up is more suitable for t-shirts. To do this, fold the arms forward and then fold the bottom of the shirt back. The sides of the shoulders are folded in, then roll-up. This method is considered as the surefire way to save more space in the suitcase.

Compress the jacket or dirty clothes with a vacuum travel bag
Another way to increase the space in your suitcase is to vacuum thick clothes such as jackets and others. Use a vacuum sealer and vacuum travel bag specially designed for traveling. When the clothes are packed in a vacuum travel bag, there will be no more air in them, so that your clothes are compressed and you have more space to store other items. Another advantage of a vacuum travel bag is that the clothes will not smell musty even though they have been packed for days. Even so, clothes that have been vacuumed will wrinkle easily, so you need to iron them before using them. Some vacuum travel bag products use a vacuum sealer to suck the air in the bag, but there are also vacuum travel bags that can be rolled up directly to remove the air.