People of all ages today enjoy playing video games, and because of the growth of online gaming, it’s now simpler than ever to play games with friends and other players from across the globe. But what happens if you wish to record and broadcast your gaming adventures to others? Screen recording is helpful in this situation. This post will discuss using Free Screen Recorder windows 10 screen recorder to capture a fullscreen game.

It’s simple to record and share your gaming experiences with Free Screen Recorder, a robust and user-friendly screen recording application. Free Screen Recorder Screen Recorder makes it simple to record your screen while participating in a live stream, a multiplayer game, or a single-player game.

Here’s how to record a game running in fullscreen on Windows with Free Screen Recorder:

Install Free Screen Recorder Screen Recorder after downloading it.

Open the desired game in fullscreen mode to begin recording it.

Start Free Screen Recorder Screen Recorder, then select “Record Screen.”

Select “Fullscreen” under the recording settings. By doing so, the entire screen—including the game—will be captured.

Change the video format, recording quality, and other options as needed.

Clicking the “Start Recording” button will begin the recording.

As usual, play your game. In the background, the game will be recorded.

Click the “Stop Recording” button when you’re done playing to end the recording.

You can share the recorded video with others by saving it to your computer.

It’s essential to remember that some games may use DirectX or OpenGL, which are graphical APIs that screen recording software does not directly support. In these circumstances, you might need to utilize a screen recording program like Bandicam that particularly supports DirectX or OpenGL.

Screen recording is a fantastic method to share your experiences and connect with others, whether you’re a casual or competitive gamer.