Even though it is small, a tooth that is diseased can be very disruptive to the comfort of activities. Don’t just grimace or even cry, immediately do a good way to relieve a toothache. A toothache can be caused by various things. And the pain is not only on the teeth but also can be felt to the gum. How to relieve a toothache does not only have to use medicines sold at drug stores. There are several ways that are quite easy and you can get in the kitchen. Ranging from spices to Cronulla Dental Centre.

Here are some ways to relieve a toothache using natural ingredients that you can find in the kitchen.

– Gargle with Salt Water
The first way to deal with a toothache easily is to rinse using salt water. You can also use dental floss (dental floss) to clean the food that is attached to the affected tooth. Simply mix one glass of water with half a teaspoon of salt, then rinse your mouth for a few seconds, then throw it away.

– Clove oil
This type of spice can also be used as a way to relieve a toothache. The trick is to attach the clove oil to the affected part of the tooth by using a cotton ball and then bite to keep it in a sick place. You can buy clove oil in health food stores and pharmacies. But, you can also make it yourself at home. Do this by mixing 10 cloves with olive oil into a 30 ml glass bottle. Then let stand for about two weeks. In clove oil, there is a eugenol chemical that acts as an antibacterial and anesthetic. So, this clove oil is believed to relieve a toothache.

– Compress using ice
Before the effect of the pain medication, your teeth start working to eliminate tooth pain, you can use ice packs. The trick is to coat the ice cubes with a towel, then attach it to the cheek that is close to the affected tooth.

– Garlic Chew
The next way to relieve a toothache is to use garlic. The trick is to peel one clove of garlic first, then cut or cut in half. Then, place it on the part of the affected or chewed tooth.