We always believe, reviews or good film criticism is the least leaked film story outside the promotional materials distributed by the makers and distributors. In other words, the least one is a spoiler. Meanwhile, you can check out lonelyseal online film festival if you’re looking to watch a lot of quality movies.

A spoiler is very easy to find everywhere and the harder to avoid as hard as we try to close your eyes and ears. Writing articles in the form of review or criticism of the film will take time because, in addition to having to watch the movie even to repeatedly, the author must also enrich themselves with a lot of reading the literature associated with the film to enrich writing.

Here are some tips that hopefully can be guided in making reviews and film criticism.

1. Avoid indulging in synopsis and general information

Avoid spending a lot of space just for a synopsis, ranks of a cast, and other general information that can actually be very easy to find because it is scattered in cyberspace.

Readers who need a synopsis will definitely write it directly in the search engine’s search field while readers who really want to read reviews, often, find it difficult to find reviews and ratings of a movie they really need either to decide whether to watch the movie or just to add information. Make you’re writing authentic and unique.

2. Focus only on one or more elements

Focus on the things we understand. Do not judge too many elements that we do not really understand. Assessment without a good grasp of the theory even if only the basics will mostly culminate in superficial and highly subjective reviews.

It needs subjectivity in judging the film but critics or reviewers must have good reason to support their argument.

3. Land of opinion with theory, data, or facts

Avoid indulgence in emotions and feelings because it will lead to a judgment that is also too subjective. Do not paper.

4. Note the spelling and sentence structure in writing

Do not rush into writing. Pay attention to punctuation, use the correct sentence structure, avoid using foreign terms as long as there is an equivalent in the reader’s language.