Perhaps, you are familiar with cloud term although you don’t know how it exactly works. The term Cloud Computing itself is a combination of the use of computer technology and Internet-based development. In cloud-based computing technology, all data is located and stored on an Internet server, as well as applications or software that are generally needed by users all on a server computer.

Cloud computing is simply a combination of computer technology (computing) and internet-based development. Then what is special about this technology? As the beginning of the emergence of the internet that makes the world a “borderless” cloud is expected to also provide a breakthrough in the ease of internet users, of course, with the better speed of the internet.

If we used software to download it first and then install it on a computer or laptop, now similar software can be accessed via the internet. What are the benefits?


Cloud-based services are ideal for developing companies, related to bandwidth requirements. When our business capacity increases the bandwidth requirements, we only need to upgrade the packages we buy at cloud providers, it is very practical not to need expensive hardware investments.

Save Cost

Maybe this is the reason that businesses are busy moving using the cloud. Does not require investing in a particular server with a maintenance load that is not small. The pay-as-you-go approach provides full control for users to scale up and scale down according to their business capacity.


Many who assume when business data is transferred to the cloud means greater security risks. Even though cloud actually has a much higher level of security than storing data on a conventional server. If you are looking for better cybersecurity, moving to the cloud is the best solution.


Since more and more mobile apps fever is predicted to continue to increase, cloud usage will be increasingly relevant for the development of your business.