If you recently started creating a blog, maybe you are wondering what pages (pages) are the most important and must have a blog? These pages are useful for providing useful information without affecting other blog post pages. In https://localseoexpertlondon.co.uk, we will share some crucial pages that a blog should have.

Why must I add a page to the website?

WordPress uses two default content types, namely posts and pages. Posts are used to write blog articles, while pages are used to create content that is not included in the regular schedule of blog posts. Separating content pages from blogs helps users to easily browse websites. You can also easily manage pages, compile them, add navigation menus, and even use page builders to create layouts to your liking on every page.

Therefore, we look at some important page ideas on blogs that you can use on your website that use WordPress.

– “Term of Service” page

If you run an online store or offer services on a website, of course, you need a term of service page. This page contains legal (legal) documents that can be used as legal tools if there are legal issues. There are also several templates that you can use, but we recommend writing this legal document yourself. So that the contents of the document are in accordance with the regulations imposed by the service or company.

– “About Us” page

The page about or commonly known as the “About Us” page must be owned by almost all websites on the internet. You can name this page with “About Us”, “About Us”, or something else, depending on the website you manage. In addition, the about page can build visitor trust because of the manager of the website. The function of this page is to provide information to visitors about the website owner, purpose, vision and mission, usability, and what visitors can get when visiting this website page.