Relaxation can be done in several ways, such as doing a spa, sleeping, or just being in bed for a long time, and of course get more info. Massage also has many therapeutic benefits. Regardless of the type of massage, the benefits of massage are only focused on one thing, namely pressure. The skin is moved during moderate pressure massage which results in calming and slowing of the nervous system. This can have other physiological effects such as decreased heart rate, low blood pressure, and altered patterns of electrical activity in the brain.

A study shows that massage can reduce symptoms of anxiety. The body has two distinct nervous systems, namely the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Your sympathy is a fight or an escape. During the massage, your parasympathetic or calming response increases, lowering your anxiety levels. When you get a massage, your nervous system slows down due to pressure. Especially when you get a good night’s sleep, it can ultimately reduce overall pain. Massages are helping certain health conditions. Your body has two different immune responses and they need to be in balance for your immune system to work optimally. Massage will slow down stress hormones to help maintain this balance. This will make autoimmune conditions such as asthma, type 1 diabetes, or dermatitis easier to treat by reducing pain or fatigue.

Massage can improve attention and ability to focus as your heart rate is lowered. You may become unfocused because of your heart rate increases. Because massage slows down your nervous system, your heart rate effectively slows down as well. When you have an injury or joint pain, you will also have what’s called a soft tissue restriction that causes knots or triggers a pain point. Massage can get rid of soft tissue restrictions and improve circulation. However, look for a therapist with extensive experience in treating injured patients. A well-experienced therapist can see which areas around the injury need massaging and which areas to avoid.
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