Giving small doses of psychedelic substances (intoxicants) is a growing trend now that involves ingesting very small amounts of sub-hallucinogenic substances such as Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) or mushrooms containing dried psilocybin. Many people get it from unreliable sources and to be safe you could grow it in your house with magic mushroom grow kit usa. The three most commonly known benefits are increased mood, increased focus, and increased creativity. Meanwhile, the three most common challenges are illegality (with a wide margin), physiological discomfort, and several other problems. There is an unknown risk when users forget to take regular doses.

The benefits reported by the participants in a survey largely match what is commonly known to the general public. They say giving this small dose helps improve mood, focus, creativity, self-confidence, energy, and more. This finding, as very suitable for previous studies. In this way, we get an idea of how general each of these reports can help us guide future research in the future. The most commonly reported benefit was improved mood (26.6% of people). This fact makes the category of mood the highest potential for future research. In contrast, only 4.2% of people mentioned a decrease in anxiety. But some people report an increase in anxiety, so studying anxiety categories seems less promising.

Then the most common challenge is illegality and this is mentioned in almost a third of reports. In the researchers’ response, illegality involves having to deal with the black market, social stigma surrounding the use of illegal substances, and difficulty understanding dose accuracy. Next is physiological discomfort. In 18% of reports, participants described headaches, digestive problems, insomnia, and other undesirable side effects from administering small doses of psychedelics. That is why it is important to know the side effect of this mushroom before you consume it. You could also ask for a professional consult beforehand because even though many negative effects, this psychedelic substance is now being developed as a medical alternative for anxiety, depression, and many more.