Apart from excelling in maintaining client trust, as one of the largest forex brokers, InstaForex also provides traders with various conveniences. For example, a newly registered trader does not need to scan ID/billing to start trading. New clients also have the opportunity to get a deposit bonus, welcome bonus, and even trade on a real account for free. Aside from its conveniences, its volume looks promising as well. We recommend you to check out the info about it if you think of forex brokers by volume before you start trading. Meanwhile, aside from InstaForex, you can also visit http://www.internationalanswer.org/forex/biggest-brokers.html if you are interested in other biggest forex brokers.

InstaForex can also be called a friendly broker for traders from countries in the Asian region. It is because deposits and withdrawals can be made through various local banks there. This service will certainly make it very easy for traders to make transactions. Not only that, as one of the biggest forex brokers in the world, InstaForex is also diligent in holding interesting trading contests for you to participate in. There are various tantalizing prizes that you will have the opportunity to get from the competition.

Apart from that, you obviously need to know the various advantages of trading with InstaForex:

Its Administration is Simple and You Can Start Trading There Easily

For those of you who want easy start in trading, you can consider InstaForex. It’s because with InstaForex you can start trading as quickly as possible. Just register and deposit, and you can start your trading. ID/Billing scan is not required, but it needs to be prepared because at any time you may need it for resetting passwords, advanced administration, and withdrawing funds.

Get a Deposit Bonus up to 30%

One of the strategies of InstaForex broker in attracting traders is to offer a deposit bonus of up to 30% (some requirements must be met to get this bonus).

Easy Deposits and Withdrawals at InstaForex

You can use the cheapest, easiest, and fastest alternative to deposit/withdraw, such as by using a local exchanger.

InstaForex Rebate Program

This Forex Rebate allows us to get extra income from every trade we make, regardless of whether the trade is profitable or not.