The world will soon be filled with floral arrangements as Valentine’s Day approaches. Because our bouquets will now include vibrant, lively colors rather than the muted pastel hues of winter, this holiday serves as the starting point for spring floral arrangements. Here are some interesting flower-related facts to get you in the gifting mood for this romantic holiday. You can also visit us, Today Flowers, as your right place to buy flowers for any needs.

1. Tulips are more valuable than gold
In Holland in the 17th century, tulips were more valuable than gold and silver. Back then, a single bulb may cost up to $2,000.00. They can even be used in recipes in place of onions now that they are considerably cheaper!

2. There are too many flowers to count
Botanists today recognize roughly 270,000 different flower species, of which 35,000 are just roses—among the most expensive flowers in the entire world—and are specifically known by this name. Not to add that there are still many undiscovered species and that this number increases daily.

3. China is home to the world’s oldest flower
The Archaefructus Sinensis also referred to as the Mother of All Flowers is said to be the world’s oldest flower. When it was initially spotted in a fossil back in 2002, archaeologists believed it had first flowered in China more than 125 million years prior.

4. The world’s stenchiest flower
We all adore flowers since they give out a lovely aroma, am I right? The Sumatran Titan Arum, however, will alter the way you perceive all other flowers. This bud is known as the corpse flower because it has a deathly scent when it blooms. Despite their nine-foot height and intriguing appearance, it is safe to say that these plants won’t be found in any upcoming flower deliveries.