IPTV services are now widely used by the public as a medium to enjoy various content they want. However, until now there are still many who do not really understand that IPTV is a broadcast service that uses the Internet as its main channel. In contrast to broadcasts using cable TV or signals captured by antennas, iptv canada provides many advantages that can be enjoyed by every subscriber.

IPTV is an Internet protocol-based television broadcasting service that uses a cable network as its conductor. This network also utilizes a high-speed Internet connection to support the broadcast that is broadcast, so that everyone can enjoy it. Basically, IPTV is broadcast television that utilizes the Internet protocol as the main channel.

If viewed from the definition above, it can be concluded that IPTV services actually resemble public TV broadcasting services, but with the support of a fast Internet connection. The combination of these two concepts, between public TV broadcasts and download media, has made IPTV an option that is in great demand by modern society.

There are several types of IPTV shows that are classified based on the broadcasting process, namely:

Live Television, where broadcasts are presented exactly the same as what is happening in the studio or shooting location. This show also allows direct interaction between you as a viewer and the person in front of the camera through an interactive connection.

Time-shifted Television, namely impressions in the form of recordings that have been previously produced and stored. Impressions like this do not show direct and real-time events that are in front of the camera, and usually have undergone an editing process.

Video on Demand, being one of the main advantages of IPTV shows, the video on demand feature allows you as a user to ‘request’ the shows you want, either in the form of television channels or certain programs to IPTV service providers. So, what you enjoy is really the program you really want.