The infrared garage heater is very popular now. Usually, they are fixed to the ceiling. The heater emits a beam, heats the floor, and warm air rises from it. It is necessary to decide what heating in the garage needs. Depending on this, there are three options for placing an infrared heater, as it cannot evenly heat the entire garage space. In the meantime, if you also want to buy an electric garage heater, we recommend you check out the review of the best electric garage heater 120V.

1. Maintains a speed of +5 degrees, which is necessary to keep the car in good condition. For such a case, you need to install a heater at a rate of 50 W per 1 square meter. Also, it is better to install a heater under the hood of the car so that in case of severe cold, the car itself warms up, and not the air in the garage.

2. If the garage is used as a workshop, then it is a good idea to place another heater on top of the workplace (table, an area with equipment) and turn it on if necessary.

3. If you need to heat the entire garage to a comfortable temperature of +20 degrees, then installing a heater is no different from installing a heater in the house. For an area of 1 m2, 100 W heating power is calculated.

Main advantages of the IR heater:

– a large heating area;
– high efficiency;
– reliability;
– built-in temperature sensor;
– durability;
– lack of combustion products.

On the other hand, the diesel garage heater is equipped with an overheat shutdown system, as well as a flame control system, sometimes a thermostat. Their mobility is one of the biggest advantages of this type of heater.

There are also stationary heating devices on diesel fuel, for example, diesel heating boilers. It’s not very common but has several undeniable advantages.

Another device that can be used to heat a garage is a mining boiler.