Back in the 70s in the USA, a DJ from Jamaica, namely DJ Kool Herc, held block parties in several housing estates every night. This is aimed at relieving fatigue after an activity, where the DJ plays jazz, soul, or funk songs. Hip-Hop culture has started to lead as a movement when a student named Kevin Donovan was assigned by the United Nations to go to Africa. There, Kevin learns about the meaning of the unity of the Zulu tribal chief. This also led him to form a movement called the Universal Zulu Nation. Gradually, Hip-Hop culture is not just a culture, but a movement of awareness. On the other hand, if you need cool rap beats for your next project, we suggest you try to Buy beats from a good licensing store.

Still, in America, there are struggles between certain races. This is also what prompted these hip-hop activists to form a declaration that would later become one of the “holy books” for hip-hop actors today. The “Hip-Hop Declaration Of Peace” was signed by hip-hop activists and witnessed by UN and UNESCO delegations, is called the.

This declaration has 18 points, and from those points, I will take the most important points:

1. Hip-Hop is a medium of expression, and it can be done by becoming a rapper / MC, it can be breakdancing, it can be a DJ or a beatboxer, and it can also contribute other works, such as writing for knowledge, clothing/fashion, and entrepreneurship related to the streets (Point 1).

2. Hip-Hop respects human dignity, without discrimination, or in essence must protect the development of human life, such as respecting applicable laws or customs, respecting institutions, and staying away from violence (Points 2, 3, 12, 13).

3. Hip-Hop respects the nature in which we live, which is our own Earth (Points 14, 15).

4. Hip-Hop should also have a message to know yourself and provide a good education, and also teach about respect (Points 5 and 17).

5. No one should claim to be a hip-hop “pioneer” or “legend” unless he has contributed and credited him. (16 points).

6. Hip-Hop does not look at skin color, ethnicity, country, religion, occupation, culture, or language. Because hip-hop is a culture that teaches collective awareness (Points 10 and 11).