Everyone has the same portion of the chance to play and even to master phuket golf. It doesn’t matter to start such that sports even though you never played it previously. However, as a newbie, you must be aware that this is your first time to visit the golf course. This means that there are so many things you need to learn first. Perhaps, you are familiar with the golf hole but don’t know a lot about it. When reading this article, you make the right decision, by which you can enrich your knowledge so that you will get ready to play golf even with your business partner or client. So, what is your main reason for playing golf?

Do you know the size of the actual golf hole? When you play golf and when putting, we really hope that the golf hole can turn into a large size so that if the hole is bigger, of course, the golf ball will be easier to enter the hole. But the 10.79-centimeter diameter hole is the standard used in any golf course.

Like many things in golf, the standard size of the hole was in agreement with the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, assisted by Musselburgh.

In 1891, R & A decided to provide a standard for the size of holes in golf courses anywhere. Through a fairly tough debate, it was finally agreed that the diameter of the golf hole was 10.79 centimeters.

The reason is quite simple. In 1829, golfers in Musselburgh had used holes with a diameter of 10.79 centimeters and were the first known size.

Because the diameter of the game became more challenging, golfers in R & A finally agreed to adopt that size and began introducing it in 1891. And golf courses around the world finally followed the “rules”.