Stress can certainly be caused by many things. There are many activities that can trigger the stress. To that end, many people end up choosing to reduce their stress. One of them is by using plantar fasciitis. With massage sandals designed to reduce stress, they can reduce their stress well.

However, it should be know also that there are some activities that cause the occurrence of stress. some of the activities in question are

1. Working Too Hard
Working hard certainly can, but do not let you forget time and not rest. Unbalanced life between leisure and work can make you so stressful and you can be so sensitive to all sorts of things.

2. Unorganized Schedule
There are two possibilities that cause this if you can not take time well or indeed you have too many schedules. You should be able to manage your schedule for the better and you need to get rid of a job that is not too profitable for you.

3. Significant Change
Most people like to be safe and secure, which keeps their hearts at ease. Especially if you are the one who is able to deal with change, then the slightest change will make you startled and you feel uncomfortable with it. in fact, you must be able to adapt to any changes that exist in your life.

4. The Decision You Take
Every human being makes a mistake, and no one can guess their future. Maybe you were wrong in making a decision. This thing can harm you. However, those errors can make you learn and improve in the future. So do not blame yourself when the decision you made was wrong.

5. Too Many Relax
If you do nothing for one to two days, this will be a happy thing for you. However, if your clays have no activity for a long time, then stress may come.