For women, beauty is very important and they must be guarded. So, many women finally chose to take care of their faces at the beauty clinic. There are many treatments that are handled in beauty clinics and are chosen by everyone. There are also many techno, the logic they use. One of them is vacuum suction facials, these tools will make their customers’ faces more clean and comfortable when held. This will also make their customers satisfied with the results.

One treatment that is also widely used is facials, there are several types of facials that are most often chosen by many people. Some of these types are

1. Basic cleanup
This facial process is in the form of removing dead skin cells from the facial skin to prepare for the next facial stage. Not only dead skin cells but basic clean up also helps remove blackheads and pores on the skin caused by perspiration, brighten the face and also remove dirt and climb from the face.

2. Normal facial
This type of facial focuses more on removing the skin and massage the facial skin. Indeed, when compared with basic clean up, they are almost similar. But the biggest difference is massage on the skin. Where in normal circumstances this facial duration is much longer and uses more specific lotions.

3. Paraffin facials
This facial usually uses a green mask that uses paraffin and facial rim which helps to make the skin look more alive and help reduce aging on the face. This also serves to make the skin of the green skin smoother.

4. Bio-lift Facial
This facial is different from the others because usually, this facial is for the skin that has been sagged and decreased, usually, women aged 50 years and over. In medical language, the term often used is a facelift. But keep in mind that bio-lift facials are much safer and less risky such as facelift surgery even though the time is much longer.