For those of you who are used to the pastry field, of course, you already know what tools are often used to produce a piece of cake decorated with delicious whip cream. Talking about whip cream, it turns out that in the world of pastry, the use of tools such as a cream charger or cream whipper is quite widely used and includes a very practical tool and its use is also quite easy. This tool, of course, will greatly facilitate those of you who are just learning to make whip cream. But of course you as a beginner also not only need to know that tool but you also need to know various other tools, where this can also be used as a substitute when you dot have a tool like the modern cream whipper. Here we will explain some simple tools used in making cream. The first tool, you may also often see in various cream and cake manufacturers, namely the balloon whisk.

A tool in the form of a balloon whisk is a fairly versatile tool, where it can not only be used for making soft cream but a balloon whisk can also be used to stir the dry dough. When you choose a balloon whisk, try to choose a thin wire.

The second tool, which is usually used to produce beautiful cream as a decoration for cakes, is a piping bag better known as a pastry bag. So in the field of pastry most pastry chefs will use piping bags to decorate cakes in various forms such as roses, leaves, and also other shapes. To make it easier for pastry chefs to shape cream into beautiful shapes, they need a nozzle tip, which is used as a mold for the cream. You can have a variety of nozzle tip shapes according to your wishes.