Gold jewelry not only makes the appearance more beautiful and elegant and can be used for the engagement rings, but it’s can also be a profitable investment for you. Therefore, be careful when buying gold jewelry. Before buying gold jewelry, you should know the following things first:

Size of Gold Purity and Weight

You certainly have seen labels such as “10K”, “14K”, or “18K” in gold jewelry. This letter K stands for “fineness”, which is a measure of the level of purity of gold. For pure gold, where the gold content reaches 99.0% – 99.99%, the value is 24 carats.

However, pure gold has a soft texture, so it must be mixed with other metals such as nickel, lead, and copper, to make it stronger when used as jewelry. It’s because of that, then there are several choices of carat values for jewelry, such as:

18K gold with 75% gold content
14K gold with 58.3% gold content
12K gold with 50% gold content
10K gold with 41.7% gold content

The higher the carat gold value, the more expensive it will be. In addition to the level of purity, the price of gold is also adjusted to the weight of gold, which is measured in grams. The heavier the gold you want to buy, the price will definitely be more expensive.

Gold Has Color Variations

Because gold is mixed with other metals, gold has several colors. Besides yellow gold, now you can also find white gold and pink gold that many women like to be used as engagement rings and wedding rings. In fact, gold also comes in brown, green, purple and blue, you know.

Buy Gold in a Trusted Jewelry Store

You can buy gold jewelry in various places ranging from offline jewelry stores, online jewelry stores, to pawnshops. It’s because gold jewelry is a valuable item, be careful when choosing a place when buying jewelry. Buying gold in a reputable jewelry store can prevent you from being fraudulent. Not only that, but buying gold in a trusted jewelry store also guarantees the quality of the gold jewelry itself.