Using folding doors or sliding patio doors as the main access to your garden, this feature will make a feature of your conservatory design come to life. If you want a door opening that is the maximum width, however, there are structural considerations that could have a significant impact on the design of your aluminum stairs, because, with a large opening, the roof above needs to be supported very firmly with a steel portal frame. This Schuco CMC50 Roof Conservatory System made by Panoramic Group UK can hide structural steel in conservatory roof beams and supporting corners or intermediate posts. In doing so, the design can be simplified thereby reducing overall costs, and most importantly minimizing the amount of visible aluminum. However, there should be a limit of about 4m in total span before the manufacture of the necessary external steel, as the size of the steel will not match the roof ring beams. With spans above 4m, it is impossible to hide the steel portal trusses that support the roof within the roof elements themselves. Steel sections or box sections need to be wrapped to hide them to increase the height of 20-25 cm at the front of the conservatory which affects the shape of the roof and the height of the doors at the front useful content.

The basic principle in designing glazed walls is to keep them to a minimum. Whereas in the traditional-style conservatory form, generally the top-opening fan lights are located around the conservatory. As for modern-style aluminum conservatories, it is trending to have a glass at the maximum height due to ventilation, either through roof vents or by opening high-level windows that are located above your natural line of sight on the sloping roof. Roof vents can be operated manually or controlled electronically via a switch or even a rain or weather sensor. High-level inward opening windows (open using posts) are a great way to provide an opening without impacting the clean lines of conservatory walls. As part of the overall lighting design, the Schuco CMC50 can accommodate the spotlight on the conservatory ceiling. A special additional feature is used to shade the spotlights attached to the bottom of the rafters that hide all wires without affecting the structural integrity of the rafters.