AvaTrade company specializes in providing trading services for commodities, market indices, bonds, Bitcoin, equities, and Exchange Traded Funds. Since the founding of AvaTrade, the company has grown rapidly to serve nearly 210,000 accounts worldwide. The company carries out more than two million transactions every month. Their total value always exceeds $ 60 billion. Traders can see that Avatrade is a company with a customer-oriented focus and strong financial background which enables it to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. It’s also known for its NASDAQ100 trade. If you also trade in it, you might want to try it with AvaTrade. However, you can also visit http://www.volatility75.net/nas100brokers.html to find out more about other Brokers that offer NAS100.

This is evident in the wide variety of trading platforms AvaTrade provides and it has the support of a global support staff who is available five days a week. Apart from the main centers in Ireland and Dublin, the company also operates other offices in several major cities of the country such as South Africa, Tokyo, Sydney, Nigeria, Milan, Ulaanbaatar, and Paris.

In 2020, Avatrade won the prize for being the Most Regulated broker. The company is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland with other well-known regulators including the Financial Services and Investments and Securities Commission of Australia.

The company is strictly regulated in regions such as Japan with bodies such as the Japan Commodities Future Association, Japan Financial Future Association, and the Financial Services Agency. The broker has been able to meet the requirements of regulators and other trading requirements as well.

Reliability is one of the biggest concerns traders have about brokers. This can be attributed to the fact that the online trading industry has been linked to fraudulent traders for years. For the most part, novice traders are usually very careful to ensure that the brokers associated with them are reliable and legitimate.

For this broker, reliability is no longer a concern of traders. AvaTrade is a broker that has been operating for more than ten years and as such has built a good reputation in the online trading community as a reliable broker with integrity.