When you apply for an Australian partner’s visa you may need the help of a professional migration agent to prepare for your Australian visa application. Because this is the first element when you do Migration Australia. Even if you are given the information below easily, professional support for your application is very important. A good migration agent will make sure you send a ready-made app. So that your partner’s visa application will be granted and decided more quickly. Failure to provide proper documents or evidence on your visa application may result in your Australian visa being suspended by Australian immigration and border departments. Any appeal process will cause more delays and additional fees for your visa application.

The following are the requirements for a partner’s visa; filling out an application form for migration to Australia with spouse, filling form sponsorship for spouses to migrate to Australia, proof that the sponsor is an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or a qualified New Zealand resident, a statement by supportive witnesses, character appraisals, identity, passport photo, relationship document (eg copy of death certificate, divorce, divorce letter), report showing relationship history. You must meet several health criteria in order for your Visa application to be granted. Although the Visa share of the Couple is granted a leeway for it. That means even if you have a serious medical condition you still have the chance to get an Australian Couple Visa. You need to show proof of your medical history as well as evidence of your health care development and future progress.

Couple Visa is not just filled out the form. But it also requires mutual love and strong relationships with each other to be able to submit valid Visa applications. You will be asked to send a lot of evidence that explains that your relationship is sincere and durable. Each relationship is different and unique, but when it comes to visas, your relationship must be presented in a way that can be understood by the immigration authorities. We are here to help you get the best options for your Australian visa either permanently or temporarily.