Recently, the homeschooling method is popular with parents because of its flexibility and its customized and contextual nature. What parents also have to understand is that homeschooling is not an end in itself, but a process that requires openness and a willingness to learn, including home tutor as learning facilitators for their children. So, how to make homeschooling an optimal learning process to develop children’s potential? At the beginning of carrying out homeschooling, parents did not understand how children’s learning styles were and had already given high targets because the concept was simply moving schools to homes. This is normal, but remember that the goal of educating children is to optimize their potential, whatever it is. Take sufficient time to get to know the child, and do not burden the child with the personal ambitions of the parent. It takes time and patience to assess homeschooling achievements. Therefore, don’t change the curriculum too often, which makes children need time to adapt.

Although nowadays many parents homeschool their children, this method is still seen as out of the ordinary or against the current. So, it takes commitment and responsibility to live it. Homeschooling is not for everyone, because every family has different conditions. But this method will be easier to implement if it becomes a lifestyle in the family, not just a choice of educational methods. Because the facilitators of homeschooling are parents, parents often unwittingly become overprotective and over controlling their children. As a result, children feel limited so that the freedom to learn and grow is not realized. As a result, children become so dependent on their parents that they are unable to solve social problems.

Before doing homeschooling, share the vision of children’s education with your partner. Because the success of homeschooling is very much influenced by a solid support system, especially from a partner. Apart from the partner, the support system that also contributes is the immediate environment and the community that has the same educational vision. So, meeting and exchanging ideas with fellow homeschoolers can reduce the burden when faced with problems. Plus, the community is also a medium for children to socialize with friends who are homeschooling.