Oh, the great outdoors! While it offers a fantastic canvas for advertisers, it also presents its own set of unique challenges. Imagine the disappointment of seeing your vibrant billboard fade under the sun or watching your brand’s message being washed away by rain. That’s where Mimaki SS21 inks strut into the scene, ensuring that outdoor advertising remains as dynamic as the bustling streets it overlooks.


Picture this: You’re walking down a city avenue, and there’s a massive billboard promoting the latest summer festival. You’re captivated by the vivid colors, and even though the sun’s rays are beating down mercilessly, that advertisement looks as fresh as a morning daisy. Or, perhaps it’s a rainy day, and while you’re dashing for cover, you can’t help but notice that the large banner advertising raincoats isn’t just immune to the downpour but seems to thrive in it. What’s the secret sauce behind this magic? You guessed it: Mimaki SS21 inks.

For outdoor advertisers, weather resistance isn’t just a fancy feature; it’s an absolute must. And that’s precisely what SS21 delivers. It’s like equipping your graphics with a superhero cape. Come rain or shine, these inks won’t budge. They won’t fade under the scorching sun, ensuring that the fiery reds and cool blues remain just as they were intended to be. And when it rains? Well, let’s just say these inks might as well have their own umbrellas. They’re waterproof and designed to resist the harshest of weather conditions.

But the Mimaki SS21 story doesn’t just stop at weather resistance. Consider drying times. In the fast-paced world of advertising where every second counts, waiting for inks to dry can be a nail-biting experience. But fret not! These inks dry faster than you can say, “Mimaki SS21 inks are awesome!” (Well, almost that fast.)

Also, let’s give a quick nod to the eco-friendliness of these inks. In a time when being green is the new black, SS21 inks have reduced environmental impact. They’re not just protecting your advertisements from the weather but also doing their bit for our dear planet.