Life is an unexpected mystery that happens with certainty. There are a lot of things to hide, there must be many things that will happen later that we don’t know, and there must be many unexpected storylines that have been outlined. Like a rotation of the earth, life always rotates over time without knowing when to stop. Human instincts probably question how the earth continues to spin without spilling all of its contents. Only God is able to make that happen. There are many things that we want in life, many possibilities that we hope for to become possible, many hope that we want to be answered soon. Life is full of mysteries, so is prayer. There is an unexpected fate that occurs along with our inability to explain it. There is a destiny that brings good luck in return for the prayers that we endlessly pray for. There is a fate that brings us to someone unexpected, as a way of life story that was previously carved in a prayer. The miracle healing prayer is something that also works in a mysterious way, as God’s way.

Prayer is the greatest weapon possessed by mankind. Prayer is a power that is capable of producing miracles. A strength that is able to change something that is impossible to become possible. A strength that is able to embrace weak souls to be stronger and stronger in living their life. A strength that is able to warm the hearts that is hard and cold so that it melts and become warmer. There is something special about prayer because God commands us to pray to Him however we feel. It is so special that God tells us to always pray, and says that He will always grant it. Other than healing the physical pain, prayer could also be a reminder that there is no power greater than the power of God’s love.