Proposing a partner is certainly a very special moment. You want to prepare for the best, including buying the right engagement ring. But of course, choosing an engagement ring is not easy, especially for men. Basically, anyone can make mistakes. You can buy the wrong ring and waste millions. You don’t have to worry, learn about the mistakes guys make when buying engagement rings plano so you don’t get stuck too!

Not Examining Partner’s Tastes
Surprise her with an engagement ring can be very romantic. But if you choose a ring without doing your research, you run the risk of buying a ring that falls short of your expectations. Start by asking a close friend what kind of ring he or she might like. Pay attention to the type of jewelry she wears, does she prefer white gold or yellow gold? Feminine design with ornate or modern and simple? If she uses social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, try to investigate and see if she follows some jewelry brands. Remember the ring designs they have and wear frequently.

Not Covering Traces
If you search for rings online, the websites you see are likely to target you with ring ads later. If you share your computer with your boyfriend a lot, chances are he or she will also see the engagement ring advert! Likewise with your searches on mobile devices. To fix this, use the “block cookies” feature of your browser so you can shop online anonymously. You can also use privacy mode when opening the browser on a computer or smartphone.

Guessing Couple Ring Size
Most engagement rings are resizable. But when you propose to him, you want the ring size to be as close to the actual size as possible. You may ask your girlfriend’s friends if they know her ring size, or secretly borrow one of her rings and find out with a ring size guide. It’s also important to know that the most common ring sizes for women are 9-10, so this figure is pretty safe. If he has bigger or smaller hands then go for the size that is above or below him.

Buying Rings at Off-Budget Prices
Don’t listen to any “rules” about how much to spend on engagement rings. You should spend an amount that feels comfortable to you. You don’t want to spend too much money on your engagement ring and then run short on other things. If you do your research beforehand, then you will get the best quality rings for your budget.