Car modification must be only around the manufacturer’s appearance so that the warranty is still valid. However, if you have touched parts that reduce comfort and safety, the warranty will automatically be deleted. For this reason, it is recommended before making modifications, you should first consult an authorized dealer to get directions as to what changes can be made so that the warranty is not lost. Aside from that, take a look at the extended warranty company as well.

In addition, you can also read the manual of the vehicle owner’s manual so that you get clear instructions on which parts should not be changed. Many car owners feel worried when making modifications, the warranty will automatically be lost, but actually, if it is in accordance with the warranty regulations still valid. For example, if the damage to a car is caused by the installation of accessories that have not been validated by the manufacturer, the warranty will certainly be lost, but if the damage is not related to the modification, the warranty still applies.

Doing the most appropriate modification is by using original accessories or from third parties that have been approved by the manufacturer. Thus, it has been guaranteed that it will not have a negative impact on the vehicle because the accessories have met the quality standards. Actually, accessories from third parties to get validation from automotive manufacturers is not easy and takes a long time, it is done because in order to get the best quality and provide improved service to its customers.

There are some simple modification tips for those of you who want to make modifications but do not want to lose the warranty if you want to change the lighting lamp you should choose those that do not violate the rules such as the color must be according to the standard and not too bright. Whereas if you want to make changes to the body part, it would be nice to use cutting sticker techniques so that if you feel that you have not used it very easily, you can remove it.

It is recommended if the car warranty is still valid, do not ever change the body color using the airbrush, even though it can last longer but you can be sure your warranty will be lost.