The owner of the ectomorph body has its own challenges when it wants to build muscle. Because the body of this type is difficult to store fat and increase muscle mass due to rapid metabolism. That is why they are nicknamed hard gainer. So, how do exercise tips build muscle for hard gainer? Well, by blending these tips together with the right diet, you can definitely reach the size of muscle you crave! In the meantime, you can also check out ostarine MK 2866 if you’re looking for an effective muscle supplement.

1. Practice With High Frequency

You skinny people need to focus on high frequency of exercise. This means you have to practice more often than others. The high frequency of exercise helps you increase muscle strength and hypertrophy.

Practicing more often also helps you more quickly master and develop the techniques necessary for the movement. If you are able to master the movement using a heavier load, that means your muscle strength and muscle increase.

High-frequency exercise also results in an increase in protein synthesis in muscle cells. When balanced with adequate protein intake, this can lead to significant muscle growth.

2. Practice With Low Daily Volume

Well, if you want to practice more often, then you need to lower your daily exercise volume. Limit your exercise volume with shorter and intense sessions. You do not have to linger do dozens of sets in the gym, just focus on movements that can burden the body as a whole.

For example, in a day do 3-6 different compound movements every 3 sets with the 6-8 rep.

3. Ignore Movement Isolation

For the cryogenic body, isolation movements that train one part of muscle are the same as a waste of time. Because you will not get the benefits of isolation movement if you have not gained significant muscle strength. Instead of doing biceps curl 10 kg, you better do a chin-up with body weight.

Hardgainer does not require isolation. Focusing on isolation movements increases the total volume of exercise and potentially impairs your ability to practice high-performance boosts.

But, if you really want to train biceps, deltoids, or calf muscles, add 10 minutes at the end of practice session 1-2 times a week.