Exercising is one of the best activities that you can do in order to maintain your health. It’s fun, healthy, and also improves your looks and mood. Unfortunately, for those who aren’t used to any kind of exercise, their early experiences may disappoint them. It’s because there’s a thing called DOMS, which stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It’s actually some kind of pain which a person feels after exercising, but it will be very intense for those who haven’t exercised for a long time. It happens because the muscles aren’t used to your new sets of movement, so there are small tears in your muscles which are formed when you start exercising. It’s actually normal, due to your muscles are starting to rebuild themselves when you start your new healthy lifestyle. We also recommend you to consume¬†learn more to recover faster after exercise.

Furthermore, there are some tips that you can do in order to reduce muscle soreness after exercise, such as:

Do the warm-ups before you start exercising

Warm-ups are basically a set of movements which introduces your lazy muscles to the new set of movements. It’s actually like waking your sleeping muscles and prepare them to do a lot of work beforehand. By doing this, your muscles won’t be surprised and shocked by the amount of new set of movements that you perform during your exercise session.

Don’t exercise excessively

By the time you start exercising for the first time after a very long time in your life, we recommend you to take it easy and don’t push yourself too hard. Your muscles need to adapt to your new lifestyle first, so it can deal with the lighter version of DOMS before you start the heavier types and higher intensity of exercise

Eat high-protein foods

Protein helps your body repairs the damaged muscles due to the exercise. Therefore, high-protein foods and supplements are recommended for helping you to recover from DOMS faster.