Dry scalp can cause a series of problems such as itching, dandruff, and hair loss. The causes are different, but are the most common and often occur due to reactions to weather changes and the hair care products you use. In addition, daily habits such as lack of drinking and shampooing too often can also cause your scalp to dry. Various health problems such as eczema and psoriasis also contribute to dry scalp. Is there a natural way to treat it? Of course, there is! You can also visit Zincplex.com to get the best scalp care products.

To overcome this problem, here are a variety of natural treatments that you can try to restore the moisture of your scalp.

1. Avocados

Avocados contain unsaturated fatty acids that can moisturize and protect the skin from dryness. Using avocados that are puree or in the form of oil can help deal with scalp problems. In addition, do maintenance from the inside by eating avocados. If you intend to use avocados, try to destroy them until smooth. After that, don’t forget to mix olive oil into it. Make sure that you smear your scalp with this mixture of ingredients well to then massage. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes before cleaning. As always, don’t forget to clean the scalp thoroughly from the remains of the avocado. You can apply the same method if you use avocado oil.

2. Yogurt and eggs

Good protein and fat content in eggs, as well as yogurt, can help moisturize the dry, flaking scalp. The combination of both ingredients also helps nourish and protect the scalp by preventing skin cell damage due to exposure to free radicals from air pollution. To make it, use pure yogurt without added sugar and flavorings. Take a few tablespoons of yogurt and mix the eggs into it. Apply this mixture directly to the scalp and gently massage until it is fully absorbed. Leave for about 10 minutes before cleaning. Try to rinse it with warm water until it’s clean. Use shampoo to clean the scalp thoroughly from the remains of the egg and also the yogurt that might stick.