Creating a taste of coffee that really fits turns out to need special skills. Not only that the most important factor also in creating the perfect taste of coffee is having to choose the best coffee beans. It is the right time to start knowing how you can choose the good

Important to know, there are mistakes that often make the coffee taste damaged. The mistake is still often done, starting with the selection of coffee beans that are not good. This then proves that choosing the bean of coffee with the good quality is not easy. Yes, you must be patient and be careful and ensure to compare some options because there are many sellers or shops that say that their product is the best choice for you.

Often people carelessly choose coffee beans. As a result, the taste of the coffee produced is not as desired. In addition, coffee farmers are often the origin of harvest, so it takes time to sort out the coffee beans that are worthy of being enjoyed.

Overall, the maturity level of the coffee is 12. Now it depends on which stage, according to what we want Also pay attention to the level of maturity. Good maturity is level 12. However, some coffee farmers have harvested it since level 8. However, it is not a problem, as long as the maturity level of the coffee beans collected is the same.

Choosing coffee with the right level of maturity also needs to pay attention to the condition of the coffee being harvested so that the desired taste of coffee is achieved. Where if the condition of the coffee harvested is damaged, such as holes, pests, and so on. Damage to the coffee beans will certainly affect the taste of coffee.

It feels very and very influences the taste if the coffee is damaged by the one that is not damaged, and which can damage the taste of coffee then is the manufacturing process.