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What would happen if Superman attacked the White House or the Pentagon? The fear that made the US government decided to form a special team named Suicide Squad. They are a collection of “super” criminals who are under the supervision of Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) for dangerous missions. Under the supervision of Amanda Waller and his colleagues, Suicide Squad got a special mission that was not easy. Moreover, if the mission fails, the US government will not take responsibility. Suicide Squad will be the scapegoat.

Why should the Suicide Squad bow down? Because each of them has another side which is then used by the US government. Harley Quinn gets a large portion of the Suicide Squad movie. The audience will see the transformation of himself who was originally a psychiatrist. Is this team of horrible criminals left in action without a counselor? Certainly not. There is Rick Flag who is ready to kill them at any time if anyone defects. You will see different depictions of Joker characters in The Dark Knight. It can not be denied that Joker played by Jared Leto is becoming the long-awaited in the film. Although throughout the film presents a hard action scene, Suicide Squad gives a little touch of romance in the film. Harley Quinn and Joker will play it.

In spite of the negative criticisms addressed to Suicide Squad since the premiere of the film, the DC Comics superhero film continues to be commercially successful. In the second week of its release, the film starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, and Cara Delevigne has still topped the US box office chart.

With a duration of two hours and three minutes, director David Ayer compresses the story of a dozen characters to be enjoyable to the audience. However, the duration seems not enough to be able to explain in detail the story of the Suicide Squad. To watch the movie again, you just need to visit our website and watch with Vshare.