You will often eat at a restaurant, whether for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. In the restaurant, there are indeed many menus that you can choose and you adjust to your wishes at that time. In fact, a cozy restaurant can make you feel at home there for a long time. One of the favorit restaurant you can visit is best brunch nyc.

Unfortunately, even though it has often been frequented by residents, there are still some people who do not know the actual behavior is not good if used there. Some of the behaviors that you should not do in a restaurant are


– Sit before the table is cleaned
This one point you may have experienced often, especially when the restaurant is in a crowded situation. All visitors will definitely want to get a seat there without ignoring whether the table has been cleaned or not. This kind of action is most hated by restaurant workers, they will find it difficult when they want to clean the table.

– Come when the restaurant will close
You are good to come to a restaurant according to their schedule. suppose the restaurant closes at 11 pm, then you can’t come there at 10:50 p.m. You certainly will not be well served by the staff there, because they have to take care of all their work before the restaurant closes.

– Change baby gear on the table
There are lots of people who change their baby clothes, even diapers on the table. This becomes an action that you must avoid because it can interfere with the comfort of other visitors.

– Not friendly to the cashier or restaurant waiter
Don’t scold them if they deliver food wrongly. Because you can ask and admonish them carefully without needing to scold him. Make sure if you want to reprimand him, it’s really their fault and not just because they deliver your food. Because they are also working there and you have no right to be angry.