An event or event will not be separated from the need for loudspeakers or speakers. The loudspeaker device that is commonly used in an event is called a sound system. The sound system is one aspect that is needed in the world of events, be it big or small events. For the mic, don’t forget to install the preamp for SM7B.

The need for a sound system in an event can be met by renting an appropriate sound system. There are several things you need to know when renting a sound system, including the following:

1. Determine the type of sound system needed
Determining the sound system needed is one of the main things in choosing a sound system rental. The choice of the type of sound system rental depends on the needs of your event. Determine the location of your event, Indoor or Outdoor because that will be a consideration in choosing a sound system rental.

If you need a sound system for indoor events, you can choose a full-range sound system. This type of sound system can create all tones, be it low or high notes. However, this sound system is less able to create a soft and smooth tone.

As for the needs of Indoor events, you can choose a woofer-type sound system. This type of sound system can produce low notes that sound softer and smoother. So this type of woofer is suitable for use indoors. However, it is not suitable for use outdoors because low tones can be inaudible.

2. Know the Electrical Power or Watts Required
The electrical power or watts in the sound system will affect the sound produced. You need to know how much electrical power or watts you need.

Match the wattage available on the sound system to your event. For example, for indoor events with a capacity of about 50 people, 2000 watts of electrical power is sufficient. In addition, for a capacity of 50-100 people in a room, the required electrical power is at least 3000 watts.

Meanwhile, for events in open spaces with a capacity of 100-150 people, 5000 watts of electric power is required. The greater the electrical power required, the stronger the sound produced. Such a sound system with 1000 watts will be able to be used outdoor with a capacity of about 300 people or more.

To be more specific about knowing the electrical power or watts needed, you can consult with an experienced sound system rental service.

3. Make sure the quality of the sound system has been tested
Before deciding which sound system product you want to rent, it’s a good idea to try it first. The goal is to ensure whether the sound system is to your liking. In addition, by trying the place directly, you can also ensure the quality of the sound system.