Peace lilies will tolerate most conditions other than full sun. This plant is native to plants under dense forest. This means they are used to filter out shade in very humid environments. However, the sun is less intense away from the equator, so the lily plant needs direct sunlight so it can grow optimally.

The best places for peace lilies are windows that are tightly closed and facing east in moist areas, such as bathrooms. Do not place peace lilies near windy windows, because any air below 55 ° F can kill the leaves. Although your thermostat may be set at 67 ° F in winter, the temperature next to a single-paneled window can be much cooler. This plant performs best between 65 ° F and 80 ° F. If you live in an area with a climate between 60 ° F and 80 ° F for a number of years, consider placing your peace lily outside during these months.

Being a forest plant, peace lilies like moisture. The most humid places in the house tend to be the bathroom and kitchen. Do not place peace lilies on windows facing south or west. Direct midday and afternoon sunlight will likely burn your plants.

Peace lilies will also live in very low light conditions (such as poorly lit offices), but they will not bloom or grow very fast.

You should also pay attention to this plant. First and foremost – take a spray bottle and place it next to your plants. Spray the mist every time you walk and happen to think about it. This additional moisture will help your flowers grow happily. Second, pay attention to the leaves themselves. Leaf health is often the easiest way to determine how healthy a plant is.

That’s it for the info regarding peace lily placement that we can share with you, and we hope this info helps you to take care of your peace lilies properly.