1. Hide Second Tick: Second tick appears when the message sent to you is delivered in your WhatsApp. You can now even hide it from the privacy settings of your WhatsApp Plus.
  2. Hiding Recording Status: Recording status appears to the opposite individual when you are recording audio. It will make them aware about the recording which you are doing. Now https://wpplus2019.xyz/, this can also be hidden and hence the person whom you are sending won’t be able to get while you are recording audio.
  3. Hide Blue Microphone: This setting will allow you to hide the blue microphone from your contacts and groups. It will occur when you are opening the voice command.

  1. Hide View Status: There are large numbers of status shared daily. When someone has seen your status, their name will appear in your seen list. Now this new feature will allow you to hide your name even when you have seen their status.

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Thus, we can say that there are many of the privacy settings requirements by the user. Each of them is not getting satisfied with the new updates of WhatsApp. This is resulting in the popularity of WhatsApp Plus which provides these features to its users. All these privacy settings will tend to be useful for a number of people who are using WhatsApp.